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Welcome to 8ght University

Discover the transformative power of 8ght University, a comprehensive online learning platform that equips students with the tools necessary to become someone capable of wealth and guide you to build a successful business through 8ght powered companies. With optimized courses, carefully crafted to offer knowledge and skills on your Way of Wealth! Join 8ght University today and take charge of your future and financial freedom! 
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Embark on a new Way of Wealth

Join 8ght University, a transformative educational institution that goes beyond traditional learning to empowering students in growing their businesses and expanding their minds. Our unique approach not only equips students with the knowledge they need but also offers them the opportunity to sell courses and earn income while studying!

Become an 8ght affiliate. 

Discover a world of endless possibilities and take control of your financial future by becoming an 8ght affiliate. Unlock the potential to start your own business and gain access to a multi-level marketing platform that offers a diverse range of powerful and lucrative opportunities. From the thriving travel and real estate industries to the transformative beauty sector and even life-changing coffee ventures, 8ght has you covered!

Get recognized in 8ght University.

Discover the secret to becoming the ideal star student at 8ght University! Immerse yourself in the world of 8ght powered companies and gain expertise that can pave your way to success. At 8ght, we believe in empowering individuals who have struggled to find their way of wealth and provide you an opportunity to become an esteemed educator in this field. 


Be proud of the journey towards financial success and become the catalyst for change in the lives of others. In today's face-paced world, it's crucial to take ownership of our future. By adopting a growth mindset and acquiring wealth-building knowledge, we can not only secure our finanial well-being but also uplift and inspire others on their own path to success. 

8ght University Courses

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Become an 8ght University student today! Get paid to learn and earn!