Exploring Campus

Dive into the world of success and financial independence with 8ght University's carefully curated program. Imagine stepping foot on 8ght University campus and being warmly greeted by none other than CEO Craig Shawn Williamson himself. As he guides you to your seat and personally shakes your hand, you instantly feel a surge of motivation and belief in the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. 
Introducing your professor, Shereen Dibseh, the VP of all 8ght powered companies. With her expertise and wealth of knowledge, she is dedicated to mentoring and empowering individuals, just like you, to achieve financial freedom. Through a carefully crafted program, our team has meticulously designed a step-by-step guide that will equip you with the necessary tools and strategies for success. 
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What are the 8ght powered companies?


MyResClub is a Travel and Leisure platform that allows average people to create multiple streams of residual income while earning up to 50% cash back on travel expenses for life!

8ght Marketplace

Your own online mall with opportunities to create your own business using the business model we have designed for you whether it's understanding the craft of Costa Rican coffee and the impact we offer to change lives, or you want to dive into the world of beauty, this marketplace truly has it all!

8ght X (Banking)

8ght X is our personal banking platform that will allow you to Deposit, withdraw, invest, save with high interest, and earn residual income from referrals.

8ght Investments

8ght has a wide list of investment opportunities for all affiliates available to them in their accounts. This dedicated team also has weekly calls to present these investment opportunities and grow your financial standing. You won't want to miss this!

8ght Adventures

Proud CEO Craig Shawn Williamson brings 8ght to the Sea and in the Sky! With opportunities to charter 82-foot yachts or arrange private jets to fly our clients, 8ght just became that much more luxury and exclusive! Don't miss the chance to experience the Way of Wealth!

The CSW Foundation

Discover how Craig Shawn Williamson's dedication to changing the lives of children in Costa Rica can ignite your own motivation to make a difference. Gain a deeper understanding of his philanthropic endeavors through this thought-provoking video. Moreover, explore how 8ght University empowers and guides you in finding your purpose, while simultaneously allowing you to impact lives and nurture the growth of your business.
Understanding and hearing about Craig Shawn Williamson's mission to improve the lives of children in Costa Rica should serve as a powerful catalyst for change in our own lives. By witnessing the transformation that he brings to these children, we are reminded of the immense power we hold to shape a better tomorrow. Together, let us grow your business and change lives!
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Which business will you be growing?

8ght University offers a wide range of courses with optimized content to help grow your business! Find the course that best fits you and your team members are on stand by ready and eager to help you become achieve your fullest potential. 

  • Way of Wealth Courses
  • Myresclub Courses
  • Commit Coffee Courses
  • S2S Beauty Courses
  • Vyrilos Courses
  • And so much more with certifications and cash back!!!
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Explore 8ght University today!

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